SeeTree raises $11.5M to help farmers manage their orchards

SeeTree, a Tel Aviv-based startup that uses drones and artificial intelligence to bring precision agriculture to their orchards, today announced that it has raised an $11.5 million Series A funding round led by Hanaco Ventures, with participation from previous investors Canaan Partner Israel, Uri Levine and his investors group, iAngel and Mindset. This brings the company’s total funded to $15 million.

The idea behind the company, which also has agencies in California and Brazil, is that in the past, drone-based precision agriculture hasn’t really lived up to its promise and didn’t work all that well for permanent harvests like fruit trees.” In the past two decades, since the notions was born, the implementation of it, as well as measuring techniques, has watched limited success — especially in the permanent-crop sector ,” said SeeTree CEO Israel Talpaz.” They failed to reach the full potential of precision agriculture as it is meant to be .”

He argues that the future of precision agriculture “re going to have to” take a more holistic position of the entire farm. He likewise believes that past attempts didn’t quite offer the quality of data necessary to give permanent crop farmers the actionable recommendations they need to manage their groves.

SeeTree is patently trying to tackle these issues and it done likewise by offering granular per-tree data based on the imagery gathered from drones and the company’s machine learning algorithms that then analyze this imagery. Utilizing this data, farmers can then decide to supplant trees that underperform, for example, or map out a plan to selectively harvest based on the size of a tree’s fresh fruits and its development stages. They can then also correlate all of this data with their irrigation and fertilization infrastructure to ascertain the ROI of those efforts.

” Traditionally, farmers constructed large-scale business decisions based on intuitions that would come from restriction( and often unreliable) small-scale testing done by the naked eye ,” said Talpaz.” With SeeTree, farmers can now attain critical decisions based on accurate and consistent small and large-scale data, connecting their actions to actual outcomes in the field .”

SeeTree was founded by Talpaz, who like so many Israeli entrepreneurs previously worked for the country’s intelligence services, as well as Barak Hachamov( who you may recollect from his early personalized news startup my6sense) and Guy Morgenstern, who has extensive experience as an R& D executive with a background in image processing and communications systems.

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